Delivery Areas

PJP-Delivers-3Located to Serve You Better

PJP distribution points have been strategically located to provide faster shipping response time and better customer service. Our unique distribution system allows us to provide equipment, supplies, and other products to customers in less time. The PJP network stretches from Northern Virginia to New York; locations east of Harrisburg, PA are fully served, including all of New Jersey.

Built to be Better

To better serve regional and national chains, PJP has partnered with Network Services Company. This is a distribution network comprised of independently-owned companies with significant service power.

This power comes from:

  • More than 650 locations
  • 3,400 transport vehicles
  • 29 million square feet of warehouse space

Serving American Business

In addition to our integrated delivery network, we also operate a chain of PJP Marketplace retail outlets in the Philadelphia area. These outlets are open to the public seven days a week.

PJP Delivery Area