Customer Profile: 1100 Social

Location: Xfinity Live! Complex, 1100 Pattison Ave, Philadelphia, PA 19148

Chef: Jason Cichonski

Type of Cuisine: Mexican & Asian


About 1100 Social:

1100 Social is Chef Jason Cichonski’s newest creation. It’s a social eatery that serves cuisine inspired by a blend of Mexican & Asian flavors bringing an innovative twist to classic dishes. With a variety of shareable plates & hand-crafted cocktails, 1100 Social offers a unique style of dining that you can’t find anywhere else.

And if all of that wasn’t good enough, 1100 Social is located in the heart of the South Philadelphia Sports complex in Xfinity Live! Short of going to the stadiums, Xfinity Live and it’s many bar and restaurant options is the best place to watch a game in Philly. 1100 Social is a stand out bar and restaurant in a building full of stand out bars and restaurants. If you haven’t already visited this wonderful establishment, move it to the top of your to-do list.

Partnership with PJP:

When Chef Jason Cichonski was coming up with his menu ideas for 1100 Social he wanted to create an appetizing blend of Asian and Mexican cuisine. He wanted something that was fun and high energy to befit the theme of the Xfinity Live! location, but also something that was a little more refined than your average bar or restaurant. So when PJP sat down with 1100 Social to discuss tabletop options for the locations we were presented with an interesting challenge. What tableware is appropriate for a Korean Barbecue/Mexican restaurant that is high energy but still offers the look and feel of a refined dining experience.

After some deliberation, 1100 Social and PJP both agreed that the best tableware option was Churchill’s Stonecast line. Stonecast provides a rustic feel that fit perfectly with Mexican and Asian street food culture while still maintaining a high quality look. Stonecast offers a wide range of vibrant colors including a deep orange and a robin’s egg blue. These colors, while bright an eye catching, still maintain an earthy and natural tone which, when combined with the rounded edges and asymmetric shapes, makes the line seem as though it wasn’t manufactured on an assembly line, but rather harvested from nature. Just check out some of these great shots that highlight how amazing the table settings at 1100 Social look.

1100SocialFood 1100SocialFood2
1100SocialGlassware 1100SocialTableSetting

By working with PJP, Chef Jason and 1100 social were able to make sure the dining experience and branding that they wanted to cultivate was present in every aspect of the restaurant, right down to the plates and bowls. If you want PJP to help you cultivate a consistent branded message for your restaurant, don’t hesitate to contact us below!

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