The Culinary Academy


The PJP Cullinary Academy is a state-of-the art facility that we built at our corporate headquarters in order to showcase all of the kitchen equipment you need to run a successful restaurant. In our display kitchen, we carry everything from cooking equipment, food preparation and presentation equipment, refrigeration, sanitation equipment, and warewashing equipment. The Culinary Academy acts as a resource for all of our employees, and more importantly our customers, to learn everything they need to know about kitchen equipment and supplies.
The Culinary Academy hosts a number of amazing events:

Equipment Demonstrations

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IMG_0745 Live Cooking Event 2-23-16

At our equipment demonstrations you can see world class chefs use our highest quality kitchen equipment to prepare amazing meals before your eyes, all while learning about how to use the machines to make your business that much more successful. Don’t worry, they make enough for everyone to try some.


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At our Vendoramas we give our amazing vendors the chance to bring in samples of their great products to educate our sales force our our customers about the options that are available. Vendoramas are a great chance for us to bring together the people using the products and the people making them so that everyone involved can learn how to take the foodservice industry to the next level.

This Is It TV Video Shoots

PJP recently partnered with I-G Creative and This Is It TV with Cheldin Barlatt Rumer to bring you exclusive cooking videos featuring some of the best and most successful chefs and restaurateurs in the greater Philadelphia region. And what better place to shoot these amazing videos than The Culinary Academy? Check out some of the videos we have produced above and see the culinary arts, along with our great equipment, in action!

Food Photography with OTG

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The Culinary Academy is a great place for our customers to prepare food for photography for the development of custom menus. You can prepare your food and take the picture all in the same room without worrying about disturbing your own kitchen and interrupting business as usual.

SERVSAFE® Training, Customer Meetings, and Much More!

The Culinary Academy is also used as an educational space to offer things like SERVSAFE® Training or other training programs. Not only that, but we offer the space up to our customers to use it however they see fit! If you have an idea for an event for the Culinary Academy, PJP would be happy to accommodate you as best we can! When it comes to the Culinary Academy, the sky is the limit!

Do you want to attend an equipment demonstration? Or maybe learn about new products at a Vendorama? Would you like to star in an exclusive video and show off your culinary skills to the world? The Culinary Academy awaits.

Contact your PJP salesperson,  fill out the form below, or just call us at 800-992-3430 to learn more about The Culinary Academy

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