Essential 8

e8In every foodservice operation regardless of size or type, there are eight essential functions for success: Receiving, Storage, Preparation, Cooking, Holding, Service, Safety, and Sanitation. It is impossible to run a successful foodservice operation without performing all eight steps.

Let PJP maximize your operation’s efficiency, safety, and sanitation by conducting an Essential 8 Facility survey. We will assess the following functions:

  • Receive: scales, thermometers, carts, trash receptacles, pest prevention, air curtains
  • Store: refrigeration, dry storage, proper shelving, food storage, chemical storage, lighting
  • Prepare: cutting boards, ice items, chef & crew clothing, steamtable pans, food pans, cutlery, worktables
  • Cook: combi ovens, convection, induction, infrared, steaming, fry pans, stock pots
  • Hold: heat lamps, hot holding, cold holding, insulated transport, cook & hold, refrigeration
  • Serve: utensils, chafing dishes, coffee, tabletop, salad bar, furniture
  • Safety: sanitizers, hand care, ice items, thermometers, color coordination, allergen items
  • Sanitation: trash receptacles, chemicals, storage items, floor care, microfiber, hand care, air car

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