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Food-Service-ServicesPJP: The All-Encompassing Solution for Your Food Service Needs

From fine dining restaurants, to school cafeterias, to street-side coffee shops, PJP Online has been in the business of providing high quality foodservice equipment for 50 years. Our dedication to client satisfaction has enabled us to consistently supply all of our loyal customers with dependable and efficient service since the day we opened in 1963. Regardless of your reason for contacting us, we are excited to begin saving you money while making sure you have access to the necessary supplies and equipment to run a successful food operation.

Front and Back of the House Necessities

Often, the front area of your restaurant, coffee shop, or bakery is the initial impression a customer will have of your business. Transforming it into an effective marketing tool complete with products that are customized to build your brand is certainly doable with our help. We have a variety of serving selections ranging from fine China to decorative glassware to provide you with options depending on the décor and character of your establishment. We also sell cutlery and tableware to give you a one-stop-shopping experience for acquiring all of the items you need for great food service.

With our professional expertise, your front area can serve as a comfortable place for guests while also functioning as an advertising resource with memorable packaging, printing, and serving items to create a lasting impression for everyone who walks through your door.

Your back of the house operations must be efficient and safe to ensure all of your guests are fed and served in a timely manner. A combination of high quality, fully functional cookware and kitchenware are vital to properly prepare food and present it in an appetizing fashion. Additionally, food safety measures and procedures must be met to ensure consumer protection and adherence to legal requirements. PJP offers all of these components in addition to full kitchen remodels and top of the line cooking equipment. With our assistance, you can guarantee a functional kitchen that operates efficiently and safely to serve all of your guests with confidence.

A Closer Look at Our Selection of Food Service Supplies

Our incredible selection of foodservice supplies presents our clients with an array of options for them to choose from to build a brand unique to their requirements. Here is a closer look at just some of the supplies we offer and the scenarios in which they could be especially useful.

  • Casual and Fine Dining – Casual dining is all the rage as more and more people are finding eating on the go a necessary part of life. As a result, it is more important than ever for diners to keep stock of take-out necessities that are branded and designed to keep food warm, fresh, and intact. With the proper take-out containers, a diner can market their brand and entice all of their customers to continue coming back for more. Meanwhile, for those fine dining establishments looking to rebrand or redesign their service or dining areas, our selection of fine china and glassware can make an impact in any service area. Our professional presentation assistance can effectively showcase your brand to all restaurant goers.
  • Bakery and Coffee Shop – For bakeries, our industry rated ovens and ranges will make an excellent addition to your kitchen. Likewise, with branded cake boxes, high quality decorating supplies, and proper shelving space, you can stand strong against the competition. For coffee shops, we provide equipment like brewers to produce delicious hot drinks. Our selection of eco-friendly cups, straws, lids, and stirrers are bound to make an impression on your customers.
  • Education – For schools looking to revolutionize their kitchen and cafeteria service, we offer teams of experts who can help with this process from start to finish. Additionally, we can equip any cafeteria with supplies to make food service more efficient.

No matter your needs for foodservice supplies, consultation, or brand advice, we are proud to serve you in building your establishment into one that is unique and memorable. Call PJP O at 800-992-3430 for more information about how we can be of service to you.

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