manufacture1Whether you are manufacturing and packaging food, or widgets PJP’s Packaging consultants are able to help your organization meet its business needs. If never running out of your businesses essential manufacturing and packaging supplies is priority 1, then keeping a clean facility that meets regulatory obligations is 1A.

With over 48 years’ experience in serving the manufacturing and food processing industry Penn Jersey offers over 8500 stock items that will help you accomplish almost all of your various manufacturing needs.

Our Manufacturing Supplies include pallet wrap, can liners, disposable poly gloves, merchandising bags and labels, cleaning supplies and chemicals, and many more products and brands.

Penn Jersey’s experienced consultants will help you serve your customers better by offering quality products, help control your costs, and continually introducing you to new and innovative products.

PJP Packer Processor Programs

Businesses require tailored solutions in order to meet their distinctive goals. PJP’s packaging consultants can provide support to your organization by connecting you with the business essentials required for on-going operations.

Warehousing and Logistics

The physical space within your company has to be used to its maximum advantage. This means streamlining processing, packing, and other operations while letting PJP fulfill warehousing and logistics. We have developed warehouse replenishment and delivery services that will dovetail perfectly with your operations. Production lines run smoother when these essential functions are more convenient.

Introducing the PJP Packer Processor Program

Our innovative program includes a wide range of essential logistics services to better support your production line. Services include:

  • Inventory control management
  • Reporting and analyses
  • Warehouse replenishment
  • Backdoor scanning
  • EDI/Ecommerce

Better Packaging Solutions

PJP consultants can also assist with the selection of appropriate packaging for your products as well as compliant labeling. These services can help you control costs and improve transport. By connecting companies with innovative packaging solutions, we help maximize merchandising potential.

We offer wide range of packaging and packer process products, including essential such as cleaning supplies, packaging tape, pallet wrap, trays and films, sealing systems, and safety equipment.

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Call PJP at 1-800-992-3430 to speak with one of our expert consultants. We can help you control costs, improve your production line, and serve your customers more effectively.

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