PJP is Awarded Cascades 2011 Achievement Award

May 8th, 2012 News

cascadeaward1Penn Jersey Paper Co has made great strides over the past years to improve our eco-friendly initiatives. From moving to a LEED Silver Certified distribution facility in 2011, to evaluating purchased based on eco-friendly qualities, and encouraging customers to use green products where applicable, the process has been an all-encompassing effort from all company departments.

When it comes to encouraging customers to use Eco-Friendly Products, one such line of products has been the use of Cascades 100% recycled paper products that include the North River Brand of Towels and Tissue. The results of the use of these earth friendly products, PJP and our customers have made some tremendous impacts on our community.

Through the Use of 100% Recycled Paper Products PJP Customers:

Saved over 8.2 million pounds of Carbon Dioxide, the equivalent of taking 1,245 cars off the road for a year.
Contributed to the saving of over 255,700 trees from being cut down and used for the production of new paper products.
To recognize this achievement, Cascades Tissue Group recognized PJP with one of their 2011 Achievement Awards. As an Achievement Award Winner PJP and its customers were recognized in their dedication to help contribute to the reduction of Green House Gases, Saved Trees from being used in the production in new paper products, and contributed to the use of Green-e certified renewable energy.

PJP is committed to our customers and the environment by offering products and programs that promote the use of sustainable, earth friendly solutions. Learn More about PJP’s Sustainable initiative.

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