Online Ordering

Taking control of you ordering process and has never been easier with PJP Online ordering

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  • Online Ordering – Ordering you supplies has never been easier
  • Custom Order Guides – Your products – your list. Custom order guides for you, your department, and your colleagues
  • New Products – do you want to see what is new? Log in today.

We understand and appreciate that your time is precious and not always available at conventional business hours. PJP has several purchasing options available to our customers in order to maximize convenience and efficiency. At any time you can always count on our eager sales staff, but if you find that placing orders at 12am is more suitable to your needs, PJP can help.

Our online portal allows our customers to manage their accounts, order products, track orders and keep track of invoicing no matter where they are or what time of day it is—365 days a year.

In addition to our online ordering system, our online reporting tools allow customers to analyze their account and manage spend with PJP.

  • Sales Analysis
    Aggregate Purchases, Numbers of Orders Placed, Average Order Size
  • Order Analysis
    Ordering History by date or category
  • Core Spend
    Percentage of core item purchases (as defined by customer)
  • Savings Analysis
    Savings earned per specific category
  • Sustainability Analysis
    Sales as a percentage of total spend for 3rd party “sustainable” designations

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