CLeanCheck Image2Proper employee training promotes a healthy and safe work environment. The Spartan program CleanCheck™ is a comprehensive training system that instills pride and professionalism in janitorial workforces. CleanCheck™ saves you money by reducing turnover, reducing complaints, and reducing re-work.

Clean-CheckPJP’s janitorial customers can enroll in the CleanCheck™ online training program, through which your employees can log on, watch instructional videos, access training materials, take a test, and get certified.

CleanCheck™ Certification addresses:

  • Basic and advanced cleaning systems for the office, restroom, carpet, and hard floors
  • Comprehensive safety procedures
  • Proper cleaning procedures

The CleanCheck™ program is available in both English and Spanish.

To find out how to implement the CleanCheck™ program, contact us at 800‑992‑3430.