The PJP Food Safety Survival Guide To Grilling!

August 31st, 2016 Food,Tips

Summer is almost through but grilling season is still in full swing. That was my attempt to get you thinking about the things you love most about summer like baseball, going down the shore, and grilling out but that’s all over now because its Labor Day.  If you’re like me, I pretty much grill out 85% of the year, that other 15% is made up of laziness and blizzard-like weather. But to get things back on track grilling out can bring up some food safety concerns. You can’t always control the conditions of a barbecue so sometimes you’re at the mercy of someone else’s cooking techniques. Fortunately, the things that I am going to go over in this infographic are widely accepted as best practices laid out by the USDA.

I would hope that you would agree with me that the United States Department of Agriculture would know a little more than the average cook. But I digress, Food Safety starts in the preparation. Common sense would tell you I just cut up raw chicken with that cutting board, maybe chopping the greens for the salad is not appropriate near or on this surface until it’s properly cleaned and sanitized.  Most food-service preparation procedures come from common sense tactics, please be safe this Labor Day weekend and remember to wash your hands before you cut that salad! Food Safety For Grilling  *All data presented was gathered from the USDA | Food Safety Education – Barbecue & Food Safety.

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