For over 20 years, PJP has been servicing the product needs of healthcare facilities including hospitals, acute care clinics, outpatient surgical centers, nursing homes, rehab clinics, doctor’s offices, and other medical wholesalers. We provide the supply chain solutions you need, from supplies and disposables for your Environmental Services, to cost-in-use reporting and ecommerce. Our consultative approach offers creative, flexible programs that address supply costs without affecting patient care. Healthcare Programs Include:


  • Healthy Measures – aimed at reducing HAI occurrences in your facility
  • Hand hygiene programs
  • Surface disinfection
  • Laundry equipment and chemicals
  • Linens, bedspreads, and drapes
  • Medical wipes
  • Incontinence briefs
  • EVS supplies and equipment
  • High capacity towels and tissue systems
  • Foodservice disposables

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Patients at a hospital expect a clean, welcoming facility that will provide healing. PJP has been working with hospitals for more than 20 years, providing all the necessary supplies to create an environment that will leave positive and lasting impressions. Our goal is to help you keep costs low through providing you with high-quality, affordable alternatives for products and performing a cost-saving analysis.

We support hospitals through streamlining purchasing and ensuring that products are in compliance with your organization’s standards. Additionally, our specialists will give your staff training on new equipment or products. We are approved on most GPOs and are happy to accept orders for your convenience through our e-commerce platform or via an electronic data interchange.

Nursing Homes & Assisted Living

Allow us to focus on your supply chain so you can continue to provide outstanding support and care for residents in your nursing home or assisted living facility. We can help you further develop social activities, food services and accommodations to impress your residents and their friends and family members.

We can supply commercial-grade items for housekeeping, such as towels, disinfectants, cleaning equipment and laundry; and we can also assist you with foodservice items such as dinnerware, disposables and tabletop items. Through streamlining your purchasing for quality, brand-name foodservice, housekeeping and incontinent products, we can help you keep your costs low and effectively manage your supply chain.

Long Term & Acute Care

At PJP, we know how important it is for your facility to make a positive impression on family members who are determining where their loved one will live and be cared for. They will be scrutinizing your facilities, common areas, the way your staff cares for residents and how you value hygiene. We can provide you with the necessary items to give family members peace of mind, such as:

  • Our hand hygiene program that helps to prevent the spread of germs
  • Infection control programs that feature proper products and dispensing
  • Education for residents, staff and visitors on how to prevent the spread of disease

We understand that simplicity in supply chain matters is key to keeping your costs low while at the same time improving your efficiency and freeing up staff to focus on what matters: the residents. For example, PJP offers procedural templates for cleaning that outline the necessary products, steps and processes that will bring your janitorial procedures into compliance. Our partner, Spartan Chemical on the Compuclean Management System, can even demonstrate the cost-per-room metrics so you can see how your money will effectively create a clean, attractive and comfortable facility.

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Penn Jersey Paper associates are working to help you make your healthcare business the best it can be. Our focus is consistently on building your brand, which means keeping facilities clean, supplying you with quality products and pointing out cost-savings opportunities so you can divert those funds to other priorities.

We pride ourselves on our excellent customer service and would love to bring you the very best in supply chain management. To learn more about our company or to get started today, please call us at (800) 992-3430.

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