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The cleanliness of your business sends a message to your customers – it is a reflection of everything else you do. If you run a clean restaurant, your customers will assume you prepare your food with care. If you run a clean supermarket, your customers will trust you to provide excellent service. With the help of PJP, we can help you get the equipment, supplies, and processes in place to present a clean establishment without the need for exuberant labor costs.

Chris Bowlby

Janitorial Specialist

With over 15 years of experience working with Janitorial Equipment, Chris Bowlby can help you develop a cleaning program that will reduce your costs and leave your business spotless. Let PJP’s in house Janitorial and Sanitation specialist work with you to determine your specific needs and develop the right processes and solutions to make sure they are met. Chris Specializes in equipment technologies and floor care services and works to keep our customers up to date on the latest industry trends. This includes things like automated floor scrubbers, aqueous ozone technology, and electrostatic spraying. Chris regularly works with our sales team to provide expert advice for our customers.

Equipment Service Request

As a busy entrepreneur, it is nearly impossible to stay on top of every aspect of your business that needs checking up on.
Let PJP help with a janitorial and sanitation maintenance assessment. Fill out the form below to request a PJP expert’s assistance.




Regular scrubbing can help your hard surface floors stay good as new for much longer. Getting the right care can mean less cost down the road for things like resurfacing or even prevent the need for expensive floor replacement.


Electrostatic Sprayers use electromagnetic charge on a molecular level to allow to cover all sides of a surface you wish to sanitize even when spraying from only one direction. These incredible machines allow you to sanitize a large area (like in a gym or office building) in a fraction of the time.


Carpets are dirt magnets, plain and simple. The wrong vacuum will not only leave your carpets dirty; it will cause you to need to replace them more often. An underperforming vacuum will also increase clean time, which increases your labor costs.


Buffing your floors helps remove the scratches and scuffs of everyday use and keeps them looking shiny and new. Sparkling clean floors will let your customers know you run a clean and caring business.


With higher RPMs than your standard Buffer, a Burnisher will allow you to do even more to remove scratches from your floors and can really go a long way towards restoring them to look brand new.


It may seem like an obvious need, but the right trash can for job is an important part of keeping and maintaining a reputation for a clean establishment. There’s nothing that will ruin a reputation for cleanliness like an overflowing trash can. Get the right can for your needs.



Your sanitary maintenance workers are only as good as the tools you supply them with. Do your employees a favor and get them the right solutions for the tasks you are setting before them. This will not only improve their productivity, but it will reduce your labor costs as well.



Your first line of defense against dirty floors is your entrance matting. The wrong matting, or worse, no matting at all, will leave you fighting a losing battle against the dirt and debris your customers drag in on the bottom of their shoes every time they walk through the door.

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PJP only partners with the best manufacturers in the industry. We do our due diligence so you
can rest easy that we are absolutely bringing you the most innovative and highest quality of products out there.

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