At PJP, our team is our family. Meet some of our team members below, and find out what they love about working at PJP.

Meet Karen

Accounts Payable

When I had carpal tunnel surgery 2 years ago, my co-workers showed concern for me when I was back in the office 2 days after surgery.  Their concern and help meant a lot to me.  They didn’t want to see me undo what the doctor had done.  I even had one co-worker who’d check my hand to see how the healing was progressing.  This is just a small example of the care that comes from being a part of the PJP Family.  If you’re going thru a rough patch in your life, you can count on everybody coming together to support you, show you a little love and try to make the rough road you’re traveling a little less bumpy.

Meet Shyam


Working with PJP has been a great experience for me. From recognizing your desire to grow to providing platform to showcase your talent, the company unfolded a lot of opportunities. Having a supportive management along with such a knowledgeable and co-operative team has been a reward. Coming from a different part of the world, HR was very approachable and helpful throughout the process to get me situated. Apart from that, PJP learning program and team building activities are few of the commendable efforts which I truly enjoy and take pride in being a part of PJP family.

Meet Jackie

Customer Care

PJP is a great company! We are responsive, forward thinkers and strive in creating moments of excellence for internal & external customers. I’ve been here 2 years and the more I learn about distribution, the more respect I have for the pioneers before me. It takes grit and a “get it done” mentality to succeed in this market. We are proven. #PJPstrong

Meet Tyler


What I like most about working here, and what has kept me here for so long is the ability to progress my professional/personal development to meet my goals to be as well rounded in business as I can be. T3, our VP of Supply Chain Management, was a large role model for me in my younger years and gave me a lot of direction and great advice. The support from the Executive staff and my Director encourage my growth and motivation and make me want to always perform better.

Meet Leslie

Accounts Receivables

I like that we all work really hard and try to help each other out any way we can. When the company fell on some tough times and then the pandemic hit, we all banded together to keep this boat a-floatin’. We worked long hours, we worked on things that weren’t our normal tasks, we also learned an entire new system from the ground up, and we all did it together. Few places would have been able to make it through all of that the way we did. #PJPStrong!

Also, I absolutely love that there truly is a family atmosphere here. No matter what, we always try to make someone feel special, whether it be for a birthday, a wedding, a new home, or a new addition to someone’s family. I know for me, I felt so much love when I walked into the wedding shower that my coworkers set up. I didn’t expect anything at all since I didn’t get to do a big celebration because of COVID. It definitely made postponing/canceling three times not so bad, because I knew that there was still lots of love, and happy vibes being sent our way for the next chapter of our lives to begin.

Meet Meredith


I’ve only been with PJP for a few months, but I knew after my first day that it was going to be a perfect fit. After working remotely for over a year, it’s honestly been great to be in an office again. Not only is the face-to-face interaction great, but we have fun in the office! The people here, our PJP family, are what makes this such a great place to work. Exciting changes and growth are happening now at PJP, and I am thrilled to be a part of it!

Meet Steve

Equipment & Supplies

PJP gives me the ability to be creative within my workspace.  They also have the necessary tools to support or empower their sales force.  PJP has a commitment and a belief in their employees that is second to none.  I see a team committed and driven towards a specific goal or vision at every level of the company. The opportunity to execute visions and manage a particular segment of business the way that is best for long term and sustained selling growth is also very important.  As a PSU HRIM (hotel, Restaurant, management) graduate and lifelong hospitality industry employee, I have always had a very customer focused mindset.  Providing legendary service is a mantra at PJP but also one that I feel is very important for sustained excellence.  PJP provides a unique opportunity for both internal and external talent to thrive in their roles with a rapidly growing company while also still being able to maintain a good work/life balance.  I would highly recommend exploring any positions that the company may have available.

Meet Ada

Human Resources

In my 25 years at PJP I’ve been given the tools to grow within the company.  I started as an IT Clerk, and then I moved to an Executive Administrative Assistant position.  Later on I joined the HR team and went from HR Administrative, to HR Generalist, and now I’m the company’s Recruiter.  Within this growth span I received lots of support from the management team, and the training needed to succeed in each role.  I truly have enjoyed working here not only because of my professional growth but also because of the sense of family within the company.  Great management, Great co-workers, Great company.

Meet Sam


PJP is a place that runs on teamwork. There are many challenges we need to face as well as goals to achieve each day. Working together ensures success for both the business and for the members of the PJP team. I am proud to work at Penn Jersey Paper.

Meet Alyssa


Penn Jersey Paper is one of the only companies where I truly believe them when they say we are like a family. From interdepartmental tournaments, team building events, and overall love and respect shared between the co-workers. I started as an outlier in a smaller department of PJP, for their ecommerce brand, however; everyone from PJP online, the marketplaces, and the Furia family themselves have made a point to introduce themselves, help out, and generally make me comfortable here. I’m glad I found a place at PJP!”

Like having fun? Same here.

At PJP, we like to work hard and have fun. From afternoon kick-ball games to Halloween costume contests, we strive to make the office more than an office. Scroll through and check out what we did in 2021.

What our employees are saying

Sean Fertel


PJP has a huge heart for people which is a difference maker for me as that aligns directly with my values as a person. The company has taken a vested interest in me which is just awesome. 2 examples would be the personal selling class and PJP university has helped me to really grow and challenge myself.

Mark Maggi


In a word…FAMILY. It is a family environment, and we are a company that values community.
We treat our customer this way and they in turn become a part of our family.

Frank McLaughlin


I have never worked for anyone else in my career, 41 years at PJP. I have always felt like I was family!

Lori Zeaman


I like working at PJP because I have great communication with my Manager and I feel valued as an important member of the PJP team.

Vince Calamia


Working at PJP the past 2+ years has been so refreshing. With over 36 years’ experience, I am so happy to be here. PJP has a great reputation in the industry, we truly work as a team, my opinion is valued and we have fun! The other great piece about working here is their active community involvement. I am proud to be part of the PJP family.

Cat Marquez

Customer Care

I really enjoy working at PJP because the work environment is very friendly. I feel very comfortable here honestly. Everyone is nice and extremely helpful. I like that the work I do is fast paced so the days never feel like they’re dragging to be honest. Also the events that take place in the building are pretty cool too! I’ve never worked anywhere that had a lot of fun events to participate in. It brings the office departments together, we enjoy ourselves and each-others company.

Ashley Morrison


As a new employee, the best thing about working for PJP is being embraced and feeling a part of the family.

Jim O'Mara


I been at PJP for over 19 years now. The first thing you’ll notice is the family atmosphere! It really is a tight knit group. You’ll never feel lost or alone because everyone is willing to help you. There’s never a dull moment at Penn Jersey Paper. It’s the only place where there are no co-workers……only friends!

Karen Pirmann


PJP finance is a great group that works as a team. If there is an issue we all pitch in to resolve it.

Mark Seyboth

Equipment & Supplies

Everyone is friendly and helpful in the Equipment & Smallwares dept. and if you don’t know something someone will help you, just ask.

Matt Jacobson

Equipment & Supplies

PJP has been the best, and hopefully last career stop in my life. PJP’s leadership demonstrates their constant commitment to its employees and customers at every opportunity. It provides a rewarding workspace with a great work to life balance.

Chris Cremen

Equipment & Supplies

I like working at PJP because when I have ideas on how to improve something people listen.

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