Spooky Cocktails & How To Make Them.

Spooky Cocktails & How To Make Them.

As seasons change, so do ingredients. Restaurants are forever in a loop of food and beverage development to keep up with the trends. Each season comes holidays and while turning your food into the holiday themed version of themselves isn’t very sustainable, your bar is the outlet for the “costume party.”

A fun and efficient way to give your bar a holiday twist is dressing up the classics. Read on for how to turn the most popular bar orders into spooky libations.

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Halloween Old-Fashioned

As a classic go-to for many, this twisted version adds Amarena cherries, chocolate bitters, and a few pebbles of dry ice to make the ultimate bourbon potion.

Get the recipe here!

Bloody Morguerita

Thrillist uses raspberries and black salt to revamp the Margarita. Serve it in a skull glass for dramatic effect. Rather than throwing back shots of tequila this “Morguerita” serves its purpose without the mess.

Get the recipe here!

Vampire Cynar Negroni

Using strawberry infused Campari and dry ice gives this cocktail the perfect crimson color and smoky presentation to complement the name. The addition of smoky herbs makes this version a poised stunner.

Get the recipe here!

Blackberry Witch Mojito

Adding blackberries to the classic Mojito gives it the perfect classic color combo of green and purple. Simple and seasonal, as we’re saying farewell to blackberry season late Fall. The Sanderson sisters would be all over this!

Get the recipe here!

The Bloody Mimosa

Brunch isn’t seasonal, it’s essential rain or shine. One simple change to the classic Mimosa celebrates the spooky season. In short, swap regular oranges for blood oranges and add a dash of cinnamon or vanilla for some warmth.

Get the recipe here!

Bloody Mary Shooters (served in threes)

As legend goes, if you say “Bloody Mary” three times in front of a mirror in the dark, her ghost will show itself. I’m not one to experiment with the other side, but I’d love a trio of bloody mary shooters to participate in this scary legend.

Get the recipe here!


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