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3 Products To Help Protect Your Workforce This Flu Season


Running a small business has many, many challenges. Unless you run your business by yourself, many of those challenges probably involve your employees. As the boss, it’s your job to make sure they are prepared to do the work you’re asking them to do, and to help them succeed whenever possible. It’s a difficult job, for sure, but that’s why you’re the boss, you’re up to it. But what do you do when one of your employees gets sick and can’t make it into work? An absent employee can cost your business more than $2,500. That kind of money can have a huge negative impact on your business, but you can’t very well force your employees to come in when they’re sick. And with Flu Season coming up, it’s only going to get more likely that your workers will get sick. So what’s the solution?

The easiest way is to keep your place of business as clean as possible. Taking preventative measures and getting rid of germs before they have a chance to cause illness is a great opportunity to keep your employees healthy and working. As always, PJP is here to help you accomplish just that. Here are some great products help you protect your workforce this flu season.

1) Purell ES Everywhere System

More than 80% of all illnesses are spread by the hands. So, it’s common sense that your hands are the best place to start when trying to prevent the spread of disease. We’ve already talked about the benefits of hand sanitizer in regards to stopping germs in their tracks, but it’s worth bringing up again. Regular use of hand sanitizer is going to keep your employees healthier, and less likely to be absent. And by far one of the best ways to encourage your employees to use more hand sanitizer is to put a couple of the Purell ES dispensers around the workspace.

The Purell® ES™ Everywhere System is designed to fit anywhere you need it. The small, stylish and versatile design will work for any need. The compact size and multiple mounting options make it adaptable for virtually any setting. It’s smaller than the larger dispensers, so it fits unobtrusively into more environments, but it also holds more than an 8 oz bottle, so it lasts longer.

Purell® is trusted and used in hospitals because of it’s incredible germ-killing effectiveness. Advanced Instant Hand Sanitizer uses next generation science to provide unprecedented germ kill while helping maintain skin health. Killing 99.99% of the germs that make you sick, there is nothing as hard on germs and soft on hands as Purell®.

2) Clorox Disinfecting Wipes

If 80% of illness is spread by hands, then it makes sense that the way your hands pick up those germs in the first place is by touching infected surfaces. There are a lot of germs out there in places you might not expect. So, it’s clearly important to not just keep your hands clean, but to also keep the surfaces you interact with on a regular basis clean as well. For that, there really isn’t a better option that Clorox disinfecting wipes.

Clorox Disinfecting Wipes are a clean freaks best friend. Simply put, these all-purpose disinfecting wipes are guaranteed to make any cleaning job that much easier. The easy dispenser design, the fact that they can be used on just about any surface and their unparalleled germ-killing power makes them a no-brainer for anyone looking to clean things up.

Keeping disinfecting wipes around the home or office will help keep the germs away. Regularly wiping down work-spaces with Clorox wipes kills cold and flu viruses, bacteria, MRSA, e. coli, Salmonella, and even removes common allergens, and they do all of that in just 10 seconds. That’s 3 times faster than before.

3) Clorox 4 in One Disinfectant and Sanitizer

Unfortunately, there are going to be some areas where disinfecting wipes just aren’t going to get the job done. Namely, soft surfaces are going to be tough to disinfect, but it’s important not to neglect them. But don’t worry, that’s where Clorox 4 in One Disinfecting Spray comes in. With this one product you can disinfect and sanitize hard surfaces like your desk, kitchen counter or bathroom sink, soft surfaces like furniture upholstery, office chairs, and curtains and can even do wonders just being sprayed in the air, killing odor-causing bacteria and allergens.


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