7 Reasons You Should Be Using Liquid Sugar

Let’s be honest with ourselves, everyone’s got a bit of a sweet tooth. Sugar and sugary things taste delicious, and we eat a ton of them. In fact, according to this infographic created by Forbs, Americans on average consume about 130 pounds of sugar annually. That’s a lot of sweetness.

Hey, we’re not trying to make you feel guilty. We love sweets as much as the next company. But, if we’re going to consume that much sugar as a nation, we wonder if there isn’t a better way to get that sweet sugargy-goodness. We all know the struggles of granulated sugar. Making sure your drink is hot enough so it dissolves, trying not to spill it on the counter when you open the packets and failing miserably. At the risk of sounding like a bad infomercial… we think it could be a lot easier.

The struggle is real.

Luckily we’ve discovered a solution: Cane Simple Liquid Sugar Packets. Liquid Sugar, or simple syrup has been around forever, but it’s never before been available in convenient, single serving packets. We think that this is an all around better way to consume the sugar we all so desperately crave, and here’s why…

1) It Dissolves Instantly Into Cold Beverages

Iced Tea and Iced Coffee are incredible, especially on a hot summer day. The only problem is that, if you’re forced to sweeten your beverage with granulated sugar packets, the sugar doesn’t dissolve into the drink. So you get a few good sips of extra-sweet coffee or tea, only to be left with a cold and bitter disappointment for the rest.

Enter Cane Simple Liquid Sugar. It’s already a liquid, so it dissolves instantaneously into any drink, no matter how cold. No more worrying about bitter iced coffee. No more bland Iced Tea. Cane Simple Liquid Sugar packets add about the same sweetness as a single granulated sugar packet, so it’s an easy transition, and it’ll take your cold drink game to the next level.

2) It is Excellent for Flavoring Hot Drinks Too

Don’t get us wrong, just because Cane Simple is so great for cold drinks doesn’t mean it’s not good for hot drinks as well. In fact, it’s still better than granulated sugar because you don’t have to worry about your coffee or tea being as hot as the surface of the sun to get it to dissolve. If you prefer your hot drink to be a temperature that doesn’t burn a layer of skin from the roof of your mouth, no worries! You can add Cane Simple to a lukewarm drink and rest assured that it has dissolved completely and instantly.

3) It is Made of 100% All Natural Ingredients

We know what you’re thinking. “This liquid sugar stuff sounds pretty cool, but what’s it made of? Is it all weird processed chemicals that scientists will find cause cancer in a few years?” With all the concerns about what’s going into our food these days that’s a totally legitimate question. But rest assured, there are no strange processed chemicals hiding in this sugar. It’s made from the same natural ingredients that granulated sugar comes from.

4) It Comes in 3 Awesome Flavors

We’ve already talked about how great sugar is, but if we’re being completely honest with ourselves… it’s also kind of boring, right? I mean, by itself, sweetness is wonderful, but there’s a whole world of great flavors out there. Why limit yourself to just one kind of sweetness? Variety is the spice of life, after all.

That’s why Cane Simple comes in three amazing flavors: Original, Mint and Vanilla. Want to add a mint flavor to your hot chocolate at Christmas time? Of course you do. So just mix in one of Cane Simple’s Mint Liquid Sugar Packets. Are you out of French Vanilla coffee creamer but still craving that vanilla goodness? Add a Cane Simple Vanilla and you’ve got your vanilla fix. Cane Simple’s great flavors are just a step above regular sugar packets.

5) It is Also a Great Sweetener for Cooking

Looking to add a little sweetness to your latest kitchen creation? Cane Simple can be your solution. Sometimes granulated sugar just doesn’t mix with the dish that you’re trying to create, but you still need a way to give it that extra flavor it’s been missing. With Cane Simple, you don’t have to worry about how granulated sugar will mix in or dissolve into the dish. You can add your sugar without all that hassle, and if you take advantage of the different flavors, you can add even more of a fun twist to dinner or dessert.

6) It is Great for Mixed Drinks and Cocktails

Bartenders often have the advantage of having bottles of simple syrup at their disposal behind the bar. So if you’re hosting a dinner party and want to make great cocktails, how can you keep pace with the bartenders without having the right ingredients? Cane simple can add sweetness to a mixed drink or cocktail without the hassle of storing large bottles of simple syrup in the house. And with the mint and vanilla options you’ve got a ton of great flavor to add to you drinks.

7) It’s Great for Retail or Food Service Use

If you’re a business looking to stand out from your competitors, you’ll want to get your hands on this product before everyone has it. If you’re a retail outlet you can sell Cane Simple directly to consumers, or if you’re a Coffee Shop or Restaurant you can replace your boring granulated sugar packets with Cane Simple and show your customers that they’re in an establishment that breaks the mold.

If you’re interested, just ask your PJP Sales Rep!

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