5 Cleaning Products That Will Change The Way You Clean Forever

5 Cleaning Products That Will Change The Way You Clean Forever

Cleaning sucks.

Let’s be honest. No one really likes to clean. Oh, sure, we like things being clean. We want our homes and businesses to be fresh and sanitary so that our friends, family, and customers know how much we care. A clean house or place of business shows that you want to present a welcoming environment for those we care about, and encourage them to return. That’s not to mention that clean surfaces are important for preventing the spread of disease.

But all of that doesn’t change the fact that keeping your home or place of business properly cleaned and sanitized is an incredibly time consuming process. As a business owner your time, or your employees time, is money. So the question is how do you keep your establishment sparkling clean without spending an unreasonable amount of time on it?

As always, PJP is here to help. Keeping your home or business clean doesn’t have to be an inexorably time consuming process. At PJP, we stock cleaning products that will change the way you think about cleaning, and they will save you time and save you money.


Dawn Power Dissolver is one of those products where, once you start using it, you’ll wonder how you ever lived without it. As you know, the Dawn brand is most well known for it’s ability to cut through tough grease and grime. Dawn Power Dissolver take that idea and turns it up to 11. Dawn Power Dissolver is capable of cutting through the toughest grease and grime you’ve got in your kitchen.

Just check out how, by using Dawn, we were able to cut through the baked-on grease of these dirty pans.

As you can see, by spraying Dawn on the back of the dirty pan and then letting it sit for a few hours, you can literally wipe away grease that would have taken you hours to scrub away by hand. Dawn Power Dissolver can be effective after only 15 minutes of sitting, but the longer you let it soak into the grease, the easier it will be to clean off the grease when you’re done. PJP recommends spraying problem areas and letting them sit for a long time, even overnight.

Once you start using Dawn Power Dissolver, you will never look back. Pans that you would have thought you had to throw away will be revitalized, time you spent scrubbing stubborn grease stains will turn into a quick spray and then you can move on to other, more important tasks.


Well all know the Purell brand for their hand sanitizer, but recently Purell started offering a new kind of sanitizing product that will change the way foodservice establishments operate.

Purell Surface Sanitizing Spray is a completely food-safe spray that can be used on any kind of surface. It’s as simple as spraying Purell, waiting 60 seconds, and then wiping the surface clean. After that the surface is completely sanitized and able to be used for any purpose.

Check out this demonstration video here:

Using Purell Surface Sanitizer is that easy. And, again, it is 100% food safe. You could spray it right on the food you were eating and it would still be safe to eat. We don’t recommend that, since it doesn’t taste very good, but it would be safe. Never worry about having to bleach a cutting board to avoid cross contamination again, and just spray it down with Purell.


Clorox disinfecting wipes are easily one of the most useful tools in the entire cleaning industry. They can be used on just about any surface, they are quick, easy, and completely disposable, and they effectively clean and sanitize a surface with minimal effort.

But that’s not really the main benefit of using a disposable wipe when cleaning. The problem with using a rag and a bucket of cleaning chemicals is that they quickly become dirty themselves. Each time you wipe down a surface with a rag it becomes dirtier. When you then dip that rag in the bucket of cleaning chemicals, the chemicals are contaminated as well. After a short time cleaning, you’re not really cleaning anymore, you’re just moving dirt around to different places.

Not so with Clorox Disinfecting Wipes. Because they’re disposable, you use them once and then throw them away. If you have to continue cleaning, you simply grab a new, completely clean wipe, and keep going. No mixing a new bucket of cleaner, no washing a dirty rag each time you have to wipe something down. Clorox Disinfecting wipes save you time and money.


How often do you properly clean your freezer?

It’s a difficult job to get in there, and once you do, normal cleaners wont work because they just end up freezing. You are in a freezer, after all.

But at PJP we have specially designed cleaning chemicals that will work even in sub-zero temperatures. You store a lot of food in your freezer, and it is as important to keep clean as everywhere else. Just because it is cold in there doesn’t mean that there aren’t any germs. Keeping a clean freezer is an important, but often overlooked part of running a successful kitchen. Don’t let your freezer get grimy just because you don’t have the right kind of cleaner.


We’ve talked a lot about different cleaners that will help make the job easier. But what about something that will help you avoid cleaning altogether?

That’s what pan liners are for. A pan liner is a thin film of plastic that you can use to wrap your pans when you’re cooking. The plastic wont melt under high temperatures and it creates a completely non-stick surface on top of your pans. You can cook, easily remove your food from the pan, and then simply throw away the liner instead of spending time scrubbing your pots and pans clean of the baked on food.

Pan liners are a great solution for caters, particularly ones that work off-site because they allow you to reuse pans quickly and easily without worrying if they are properly cleaned and sanitized. Pan liners effectively allow you to completely skip the cleaning process. What better way to save time than to not have to clean at all, right? After all, cleaning does suck.


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