Are Your Trashcan Liners The Right Fit?

We’ve all seen it, time and time again. You’re putting a new liner or trash bag into a trash can and it hangs way over the edge. You’re left with a ton of slack, and ultimately a huge waste of plastic.

Why does this happen?

Trash cans come in standard sizes don’t they? Why is it so hard for liner manufactures to get the right fit? How much plastic is wasted because of all that excessive overhang? How much extra money is spent on oversized liners?

The answer is a lot. You can reduce the amount of waste you’re putting into landfills by up to 35% simply by making sure that trashcan liners actually fit the cans they’re lining.

So what’s the solution? Luckily, we have one for you at PJP.

Our proprietary line of SureBlue trashcan liners are specifically designed to fit the trashcan you’re putting them into. No wasted plastic, no extra trash going into the landfill, no unsightly overhang.

SureBlue liners also use a special plastic polymer called Hexene that allows them to save even more plastic by staying strong even though the plastic is thinner.

How strong, you ask? Just see for yourself:


If you want to find out more about SureBlue liners, just call your PJP representative.