PJP is committed to our customers and the environment by offering products and programs that promote the use of sustainable, earth friendly solutions. When the opportunity arises, we encourage all of our customers to choose renewable products.

Sustability at PJPWe also help you improve the way you run your business. More than just using environmentally friendly products, sustainable practices also include educating, communicating, and training your employees and customers about how to properly use, clean, and dispose of our products.

Because our customers are located in all areas of the United States, we’ve become experts in meeting local, state, and federal guidelines for sustainable business practices. PJP is a leader in the industry, and we can provide our customers with:

  • Eco-friendly, stylish disposable packaging
  • Green cleaning products and supplies
  • Green services, including food waste recycling

Disposable Packaging

When it comes to disposable food packaging, going green isn’t always expensive. Thanks to the emergence of several alternatives to foam and paper packaging, you can use functional, eco-friendly, stylish packaging that proves your commitment to building your brand and protecting the environment.

Green Cleaning Products and Supplies

Besides providing our customers with disposable food packaging, we also work with some of the top chemical and sanitary maintenance manufacturers in the country to ensure that our customers can choose from the best green cleaning chemicals and supplies.

In addition to providing our customers with top-notch green cleaning products, we also work with you to meet your LEED certification and sustainability goals.

Green Services

At PJP, we do more than provide you with green products; we are committed to making your entire business operating more sustainable. Our programs guide you through the process of training and educating your employees about the importance of using, cleaning, and disposing of our eco-friendly products.

Food Waste Recycling

Most restaurants waste an enormous amount of food, most of which is recyclable with the help of a commercial composting facility. In fact, about 75 percent of your food waste can be eliminated through composting.

Composting offers a host of benefits, including:

  • Increased profitability for your business
  • Improved image as a sustainable business
  • Better recycling rates
  • Reduced waste disposal costs
  • Reduced carbon footprint

PJP has an established partnership with Organic Diversions, which enables us to offer our customers an affordable composting program.

Win Over More Customers Without Increasing Costs

You may be surprised to learn that going green doesn’t cost more green! In fact, there may be some customers who aren’t supporting your business because they’ve made a commitment to “go green.” Now it’s time to win over these customers with sustainable products that don’t come with higher prices for your customers.

Let Us Help Your Business

At PJP, we want to help your business grow and thrive without damaging the environment. With eco-friendly products and programs, you can establish yourself as a green business that is committed to serving your customers and protecting the world we live in. Call us at (800) 992-3430 today.