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4 Reasons You Should Buy A Backpack Vacuum Cleaner For Your Business

One of the most important parts of running a successful business is keeping it clean.

Have you ever walked into somewhere, a super market, a restaurant, a hotel, that was dirty and thought to yourself, “I want to keep doing business with this place.” No, you probably haven’t. The cleanliness of your business is a direct reflection on how much care you take of it. A clean and sanitary operation is both healthier and safer for your customers, along with being altogether easier on the eyes.

But what tools do you need to keep your business as clean as possible? These are difficult decisions for you to make as an entrepreneur. That’s why PJP is here to help. We have the industry expertise in the janitorial business to know what you need to get the job done.

Are you thinking about buying a new commercial vacuum? You should go with a Backpack Vacuum Cleaner over a traditional floor model. Why? Well…


What is the most annoying part of using an upright vacuum cleaner? Constantly trying to maneuver it appropriately while not tripping over the power chord. Well, with a backpack vacuum cleaner, you wear the lightweight machine on your back, allowing you a lot more freedom of motion and letting the chord dangle behind you, out of the way.

Because of this improved movement ability, cleaners using backpack vacuums are actually considerably more efficient while cleaning. And the fact that the hose can be easily lifted from the ground, allows the operator to use it for dusting purposes as well. In an hour you can typically clean about 2,875 square feet of floor with a typical upright vacuum. With a backpack vacuum, however, that number increases nearly three-fold to 7,407 square feet. That’s a lot more efficiency.


Obviously, one of the main ways that a backpack vacuum reduces your cost as a business owner is by saving you the labor cost that you have while using an inefficient upright vacuum. If it takes your workers nearly three times as long to clean the same area, obviously it’s going to save you money in the long run for them to use a backpack vacuum. But how much money?

Well, assuming that the average wage of your cleaners is $11 an hour, you save about $72,000 a year for ever 100,000 square feet you clean with a backpack vacuum. That’s a lot of cash.

But that’s not the only way a backpack vacuum saves you money.

Backpack vacuum cleaners are also more simply constructed, which means fewer parts to maintain, and less of a chance of it breaking down.

All in all, it costs you about $184 a year to maintain an upright vacuum cleaner, whereas it only costs about $60 a year to maintain a backpack vacuum cleaner. Not quite as exciting a number as the labor cost savings, but it’s still a significant cost reduction, and every little bit helps your bottom line.


Did you know that people who work in in the cleaning industry are injured at more than twice the national average injury rate? Cleaning is not exactly a dangerous profession in the sense that you deal with dangerous machinery, but there are plenty of ways to be injured that don’t involve a forklift. Primarily, the injuries faced by the people who work in this industry are a result of poor ergonomics and overexertion.

Besides caring about the health and well-being of your employees, as a business owner it benefits you to keep your employees healthy to avoid paying out workman’s compensation.

The simple fact is that backpack vacuums are more ergonomic than standard upright vacuums. Because the weight of the vacuum is balanced on your back, it requires less frequent and less extreme arm and leg extensions, reducing the risk of injury. It allows your workers to adopt a more neutral and natural posture. Also, backpack vacuums are designed to be lighter, and therefore easier to operate than standard upright vacuums.


As we mentioned above, cleaning is about more than just making your place of business look nicer. It’s also about health. There are billions of microscopic organisms living all around us. Things like bacteria, pollen, dander, dust mites, and more can trigger asthma, allergies, and even spread illness.

Not all vacuum cleaners have the appropriate filtration systems in place to ensure the capture of all of these microbes when vacuuming. Without proper filtration, all your doing is kicking those pesky pollutants into the air to land somewhere else. But the ProTeam line of backpack vacuum cleaners that PJP stocks has an advanced filtration system in place that will capture the dangerous particles in the air and on your floor and keep them out of your lungs.

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