6 Reasons To Use A Commercial Microwave In Your Restaurant

When you think of essential pieces of equipment in a commercial kitchen, the microwave isn’t typically one of the first things that spring to mind. But the microwave is usually one of the most frequently used and under-appreciated pieces of equipment that a kitchen has.

Because it is so under-appreciated many restaurant owners think that using a residential microwave in their commercial kitchen is fine. It seems harmless enough, right? Why can’t a professional foodservice operation use a residential microwave?

Well, at PJP we’re here to tell you that using a microwave built for residential use in a foodservice environment can be very costly and can also create some very serious safety hazards as it tries to keep up with the busy restaurant environment.

Residential microwaves in a high-demand environment can cook unevenly and leave cold spots.  And this can be very dangerous to patrons and potentially the operator.

As a result of the differences in food safety standards in a foodservice environment, residential microwaves don’t meet the requirements of health inspectors and insurance policies.

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Simply put, your kitchen deserves a commercial microwave, and we’ve helpfully compiled a list of 6 reasons why:

1) Commercial Microwaves Meet the Criteria for Commercial Insurance Policies and Health Inspections

As a restaurant owner, you know the importance of insurance and health inspections all too well. Using a residential microwave puts you at risk for running afoul of your insurance company or the board of health. When running a business, it is of the utmost importance to make sure you are meeting the requirements laid out by these kind of organizations, and in order to do that you need to be using a commercial microwave.

2) Commercial Microwaves Get Held to a Higher Standard During Testing For Increased Safety

The safety of your customers is your responsibility, and if you’re a successful business owner, we have no doubt that you take that responsibility very seriously. Commercial Microwaves are safer not only because they cook food more evenly, thus reducing the risk of food-borne illness, but also because they are put through more rigorous testing. And when you’re using a microwave that often, that kind of testing is important for ensuring it is safe to use over an extended period of time.

3) Commercial Microwaves are Built Better

Like we said, commercial microwaves a designed to be used at a much higher frequency than residential microwaves. This means that the components that go into them are designed to be higher quality, to withstand more heavy use. They are also equipped with cooling fans, transformers, control panels and heavy-duty power cords and commercial quality relays. This is going to make your commercial microwave a lot more long-lasting than any residential one.

4) Commercial Microwaves are Easier to Program

Consistency and speed. These are two things that are important in any commercial kitchen. You need to be able to produce high quality meals that are consistent with your customer’s expectations, and you need to do it quickly. For this, programming your microwave for specific needs is an essential requirement for a commercial kitchen. Commercial microwaves are going to come with an easy-to-use programming menu that will allow to you provide a consistently cooked product every time.

5) Commercial Microwaves are more Powerful

Power is going to be important in your kitchen. When you need to cook a lot of food, and fast, you’re not going to want to wait around for a residential microwave. You’re going to want something that can provide you with faster heating so that you can get your food out to your customers as soon as possible.

6) Commercial Microwaves are Easier to Service

The unfortunate reality of technology is that sometimes things break, especially when you use it as often as 200 times a day. So, when something does break, you want it to be as easy to fix as possible, right? Well Commercial microwaves are going to come with a wiring diagram that allows for faster and more accurate repair servicing to be done. Residential microwaves typically need to be replaced entirely when something breaks.

If you’re thinking about buying a new commercial microwave for your business, don’t hesitate to call your PJP salesperson!

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