Best Places to Celebrate Halloween in America

Halloween is one of the most anticipated days of the year for many Americans! We wanted to shine a light on some of the best places to celebrate the spooky holiday.

Houston, Texas – Day of the Dead Festival

Bring the dead to life during Latinex version of Halloween! This festival hosts a Calavera run way show and is the perfect place to get in tune with your creative side with “Dia de lost Muertos” arts and crafts.

Salem, Massachusetts – Salems Grand Parade

Derby Street, in Salem, Massachusetts

The gruesome colonial past of this now quaint family town celebrates the dark events leading up to October 31st every year. The famous story of the Sanderson sisters; Winifred, Sarah and Mary along with Thackery Binx originates in this town and is sure to fulfill your Hocus Pocus traditions.

The dark and spooky past of the Salem Witch Trials haunts this little town as the sun goes down.

Rehoboth, Delaware

Celebrate Halloween getting spooked on the beach around a bonfire just before getting scared by some scary stories. Pumpkin seed spitting contests and dancing to live fiddle music gets the mood going for Halloween.

New York, New York

The NYC Village Halloween Parade is something to add to your list of Halloween Bucket List. Get in costume to join the party on the streets of New York! As quoted this is “The nation’s most wildly creative public participatory event in the greatest city in the world!

New Orleans, Louisiana

If you’re into voodoo and witch craft, New Orleans is the place to be. A weekend long party that supports Project Lazarus is full of spells, potions, and curses.

Celebrating Halloween in New Orleans allows for a warm and spooky evening with the entire city in full festival swing!

Los Angeles, California

If you’d rather party than scream your socks off, California might be the place for you. Los Angeles hosts the “Worlds Largest Halloween street party” with over 500,000 people flooding Santa Monica Boulevard in full costume. The West Hollywood Holloween Costume Carnival.

If you’d prefer a ghost experience is, you can visit Calico Ghost Town East of Los Angeles and explore nine haunted houses in the area.


Infamously known for their Haunted House and Haunted Hay Rides, Pennsylvania is the place to go for some spooky scares among foliage. Spend the day picking apples and pumpkins and spooky happenings scattered across the State.


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