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New Survey Suggests 86% Of American’s Would Choose To Purchase Renewable Packaging

We’ve discussed many times before how invested PJP is in our environment. As a company that sells a lot of disposable packaging, it’s important that we offer our customers sustainable options to help preserve the planet that we live on. Packaging that is recyclable, compostable, bio-degradable, or make from recycled materials is an essential part of conservation, and more and more, consumers are becoming aware of this necessity.

A recent survey conducted by the Global Footprint Network asked 1,000 American’s from all over the country about their grocery spending habits. A little alarmingly, only about 41% of respondents reported being “Very Aware” of the resource constraint issues we are facing as a planet. However, 86% of those same respondents agreed that if they were aware that the use of renewable packaging would contribute to the reduction of carbon emissions it would impact their choice of what kind of packaging to purchase. Of the participants, women were by far more likely to be affected by this information. 90% of female respondents said that they would be more likely to choose renewable packaging, whereas 77% of men (still a fairly high percentage) answered the same.

Said one of the conductors of the survey: “Our survey confirms our belief that with information and education, consumers will respond favorably to the need to pay closer attention to resource challenges and change their individual actions, including making more environmentally responsible decisions around packaging,”

There were several other findings of the survey that suggested that American’s are willing to do more to help preserve the planet. 75% of respondents answered that they would be willing to buy locally grown food products as much as is possible. 72% said that they would cut back on their overall food purchases and only buy what their household was going to consume in a week, thus reducing food waste. 69% said that they would specifically seek out food or beverage products that come in renewable packaging.

The message of the survey is clear: while American’s may not be as aware of the need to conserve natural resources as one might hope, they are more than willing to do their part to help the planet when the options are provided to them. As business owners, we are responsible for providing those greener options for our customer to choose from. Lucky for you, PJP has a lot of great green packaging solutions for you to offer to your environmentally conscious customers.

“How we meet our basic needs — including food — is a powerful way to shape sustainability. Eating food from local sources and less emphasis on animal-based diets can lower the Ecological Footprint,” said Mathis Wackernagle, president and co-founder of Global Footprint Network. “When we buy packaged foods, opting for packaging made from renewable materials also contributes to a lower Ecological Footprint.”


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