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PJP’s Policies and Procedures for Inbound Vendor Shipments

The following is a list of Penn Jersey Paper Co., Inc. (PJP) Policies and Procedures concerning delivery of freight and purchase orders:


  • ALL Vendor/Carriers are responsible for unloading, sort and segregate (driver unload). ASW Lumper Service is available at the Carriers expense. Layer/Heights must match those specified by PJP or otherwise restacked by the Carrier. NOTE: Charges will be incurred by the shipper if undue delays hamper dock-flow. Lumper services are available on site from ASW Incorporated. Please contact TIM (ASW) once at the warehouse.
  • Carriers must call PJP Receiving 1.800.992.3430 x250 for a delivery appointment at 24 to 48 hours in advance of the delivery date. No messages on X250 will be responded to after 12 noon. Messages left after 12 noon will be answered the next day.
  • NO delivery appointment will be made without a valid PJP purchase order number.
  • If a carrier is unable to meet the scheduled appointment time, the carrier is to notify PJP Receiving as soon as possible to reschedule.
  • There is a two-hour grace period for the delivery appointment. If the carrier is more than two hours late, they will be billed a late charge. Late arrivals will NOT receive “priority time consideration” and may be held-over or required to reschedule at carrier expense. Carriers more than two hours late will be cause for late charge to be applied and deducted from the shipper’s invoice (lost time will be charged at $50.00 per hour and deducted off the shipper’s invoice).
  • Carriers who do not show up for their scheduled appointment (without prior notification) will be charged $100.00: deductions will be made from the next invoice paid by Penn Jersey.
  • All palletized merchandise shipped to PJP must be have Layer and Height and Pallet quantity as shown on the purchased order. Packing quantities must agree with the quantity stated on the purchase order. PJP’s purchase order number must appear on all lists, labels, and invoices.
  • All shipments should have an itemized packing list placed on the lead carton.
  • All merchandise received must be in good condition. Damages will be refused or not signed for and deducted from the receipt. If there are damaged cartons on a pallet, the driver will be required to separate the good material from the damaged material.
  • All palletized deliveries, will be shipped on GMA standard 40×48 4-way hardwood pallets A or B grade. The pallets must be in good condition. All unacceptable pallets must be repalletized onto acceptable pallets by the carrier. Transfer of merchandise will be billed according to lost time (at overtime rates) and cost of pallets incurred. The driver according to PJP’s specifications will palletize all floor-loaded deliveries.
  • Product pin wheeled on the trailer and PJP assists in unloading shipment, a $50 charge will be incurred by the Vendor.


Vendors/Manufacturers are required to communicate above policies and procedures to their Freight Carriers.



PJP assist to unload=$50 charge

Missed Appointment=$100

Late Deliveries (after 2hr window), no call=$50/hour

Non-GMA standard pallets=$8/pallet


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