You need to check out Bagcraft DublView® Sandwich Bags.

DublView® bags are going to provide your restaurant with a to-go packaging option that give your sandwiches an artisan “homemade” look and feel. The big plastic window is going to give your customers a clear view of the contents of the bag, and it comes with anti-fog film that will maintain that visibility whether stored in a hot or cold case. The bag is even heat-sealable so that the product’s shelf life can be extended.

And you know that at PJP we love helping you build your brand, so we should mention that DublView® bags also come with custom printing options, which will allow you to print your company logo right on the packaging. This way, when your customer leaves your building with a delicious looking sandwich, everyone else who sees it will know exactly where they got it from.

You want to pick up some DublView® Sandwich Bags from Bagcraft? Talk to your PJP Sales Rep.