The ServSafe® curriculum teaches:

  • The importance of food safety for customers and operators
  • Good personal hygiene for food handlers and servers
  • Time and temperature controls that help protect food
  • How to prevent cross-contamination in foodservice operations
  • Proper cleaning and sanitizing for foodservice operations
  • Safe food preparation practices
  • How to properly receive and store foods
  • Safe methods of thawing, cooking, cooling and reheating food
  • Food safety regulations
  • Pest control for foodservice operations
  • And more.

If you’re an Operator, invest in your own reputation and success by training your employees and managers with ServSafe®. If you’re an employee, invest in yourself by taking a ServSafe® class. Even if you’re not a foodservice manager, maybe you’d like to be one. Taking the course shows current and future employers your level of commitment and initiative. If you work in a profession that provides goods and services for foodservice operators, then take ServSafe®. It will help you provide solutions for your customers. That earns you sales and helps them succeed.

For more information on ServSafe®, go to If you want to find out about how to take a ServSafe® course with PJP click here.