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Ice Is Food: 4 Products To Help You Keep Your Ice Sanitary

Ice is food.

Yes. Ice is food. What does that mean? It means that your food-service establishment needs to spend just as much time cleaning and sanitizing the surfaces  that come in contact with ice as you do the surfaces that come in contact with food. Ice is just as capable of transmitting a food borne illness as any other food in your kitchen.

This, of course, is easier said than done. Ice comes in contact with so many different things, primarily people’s hands, that can be difficult to keep appropriately sanitized. So what is the best way to manage your ice? How can you make sure you’re taking the right steps to keep your customers safe from food borne illnesses?

As always, PJP is here to help. Today we’re going to introduce you to 4 great products that will help you with your ice management.


When you need to cool a soup or a stew or any other hot liquid down, it’s difficult to find a totally sanitary way to accomplish that goal quickly. That’s where San Jamar’s Rapi-Kool Cold Paddles come in. Rapi-Kool® Plus helps chill foods from the inside-out, minimizing time-temperature abuse and bacterial growth.  You can simply fill the paddles with water and freeze them before you need to cool your food, or if you need them right away, you can just fill them with ice and water for immediate use.  The new Fill-Rite™ design prevents you over-filling and potentially cracking the plastic.


Transporting ice from one location to another is one of the most challenging parts of ice management. It’s not always possible, or cost effective to have an ice maker at every bar or drink station in your establishment. But how do you properly, and safely, get your ice from one spot to another while keeping it safe and sanitary for your customers? By using proper ice transportation totes, of course! The Saf-T-Ice® tote from San Jamar features an integrated comfort handle with raised Tri-grips™ to prevent hand contamination and for easy and safe pouring at any level.  The patented HACCP Hanger™ attaches to ice machines for faster and more efficient filling, which exposes your ice to the elements for less time. The Saf-T-Ice tote can also come with a convenient lid and cart allowing you to stack multiple full totes of ice and easily transport them without having to lug heavy buckets of ice.


Beyond moving ice from one location to another, you also need to get the ice out of the ice maker and into your totes. Obviously you don’t want your employees reaching into your ice with their hands, that sounds ridiculous, does it? But that’s basically what happens in a lot of locations if they don’t have a proper ice scoop. Anytime your knuckles or thumb comes in contact with the ice while scooping you may as well be reaching your hands directly into the ice to grab it out. That’s where the Saf-T-Scoop® & Guardian™ System for Ice Machines comes in. Saf-T-Scoop®’s domed scoop design allows for faster and more accurate ice filling- saving time and reducing ice spill hazards. The Guardian™ holder provides dedicated safe and sanitary storage for Saf–T–Scoop® when not in use.


You might have already figured out what this next product does from the title. Of course you need the Saf-T-Scoop® for scooping ice from your ice machine, but what about when your serving ice for drinks at a self-serve buffet? Think of how often you’ve been in that kind of setting and the only option for getting ice is a simple service spoon or basic scoop with nothing in place to keep people’s hands from coming in contact with the ice. It’s simple unsanitary. But you can’t use the Guardian™ for filling your drink, it’s simply too big. So San Jamar designed it’s little brother, the Banquet Saf-T-Scoop®. The Banquet Saf-T-Scoop® is the best way to serve ice in catering and banquet situations. The patented design keeps scoop off the table when resting, and the drain holes ensure your drinks never get watered down.  This scoop includes San Jamar’s patented dual Germ- Guards™ to prevent ice from contact with hands and knuckles.  An integrated hanging hook keeps scoop out of ice and ready to use.  Banquet Saf-T-Scoop® is also great for front-of-the-house, bar and beverage station use.

Got any more questions about the best products available for keeping your ice sanitary? Contact your PJP salesperson today!

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