How to: Build a Brand on a Budget

Starting a company is the first step for any entrepreneurial venture, and it comes with an abundance of responsibilities. When writing out your business plan, there’s always a vision of what your new adventure looks like. The world of branding is a universe of details that all come together to represent your company. The costs associated with creation can really break the budget, but it doesn’t need to be the case. In a platform driven world, the internet offers a plethora of tools that anyone with basic computer skills and a spark of creativity can use to cut costs (at least in the beginning).

This graphic design platform is easy to use and offers a never ending reel of tools to create logos, post cards, menus, posters… you name it! It’s business basic plan costs about $12.00/month. This plan offers access to fonts, colors, graphics, templates and much more. Utilize the “Brand Folder” which outlines the guidelines of your visual brand and stores them properly.

Coding is a language, and not many of us speak it. That’s why website design and build used to cost upwards of $10,000. Platforms like Wix or SquareSpace simplify the process and allow the users to design a website using their design tools. Your needs of functionality will depend on your business, these platforms may not be able to accommodate overly complex functions. Though to build a simple to moderately functional website with the addition of mobile optimization. Wix is the solution to budget friendly websites, and offers quite a few tools that are surprisingly easy to incorporate for a better user experience.

Feedback, though not always positive, is very necessary when collecting information about the success of your brand. SurveyMonkey has simplified the process in collecting feedback in a user friendly, visually appealing way. It offers thousands of templates to gather information about your customers experience with your brand.

Though newsletters seem to be outdated, statistically – they work. Mailchimp makes it easy to send a monthly newsletter or even a weekly reminder of (enter sales item here) in a clean and professional way. Check out our article on how to effectively build a newsletter to lets your customers knows of the latest news and happening of your company, or just to say hello!


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