So, What the heck is YERBA MATE?

So, What the Heck is YERBA MATE?

According to the South Americans, it’s a “drink of the gods.” So, naturally, we’re interested.

Made from the dried leaves of the evergreen holly tree, Yerba Mate is essentially a tea that comes with immeasurable health benefits and energy boosts. So while we’re sipping on morning coffee or tea, some are substituting with Yerba Mate and avoiding the jitters.

Here’s all you need to know:


So, What the heck is YERBA MATE?

The history of yerba mate stretches back to pre-Columbian Paraguay. While it was originally found in the wild, it has since been cultivated on plantations similar to those that grow and harvest tea. Widely used for its many benefits, drinking Yerba Mate is also a social event, and if shared from a traditional gourd, is considered a sign of bonding and friendship.

Flavor Profile

So, What the heck is YERBA MATE?

Like most herbal beverages, Yerba Mate is in the “bitter beverage” family, just like coffee and tea. With its light astringent notes due to the high tannin content of the leaves used for brewing, it can be considered an acquired taste. With that in mind, it does respond well to sweeteners, citrus, and other herbal infusions therefore expanding on its natural state.

Health & Wellness

So, What the heck is YERBA MATE?

Getting back to the “drink of the gods” statement, this stuff really tops the charts with its benefits.

  • High levels of Nutrients and Antioxidants. Twice as much as green tea!
  • Boosting Energy and mental focus due to its 85mg of caffeine per cup.
  • Protection against infections (source).
  • Weight loss (source).
  • Anti-inflammatory properties (source).
  • Boosting your immune system.
  • Lowering Blood Sugar (source).

Where Can You Get Your Hands On It?

So, What the heck is YERBA MATE?

Perhaps you’ve seen these guys in your local grocery stores, and if you haven’t you can order right from their site (LINK) Otherwise, it’s usually available in health stores and of course, AMAZON.

How to Drink It

So, What the heck is YERBA MATE?

It depends on how you buy it!

If you’re purchasing packaged bottles, just pop the top and enjoy! You can even buy them carbonated!

Loose leaf:  simply steep for 3 minutes in hot waters and voila! If you’re feeling whimsy, you can add fresh mint, lemons and honey! This makes a tasty beverage that you can enjoy hot or cold.

Seasonal twist – Use it as a base for hot masala tea by adding fresh ginger, clove, cardamom and bay leaf.

Iced Tea – Simply steep, and chill

The possibilities are endless!

Can You Add This to Your Menu?

So, What the heck is YERBA MATE?

YES! And we recommend getting creative.

Besides this being a wonderful addition to your herbal tea list, it makes for a fantastic cocktail base. Pair it with tartness, sweetness, spiciness and give your clients a Long Island Iced Tea they never expected! RECIPES


Don’t knock it till’ you try it.


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