Surprising Uses for Soybean Oil on Your Menu

Soybean oil is the solution to all your kitchen needs. It’s exceptionally versatile, pairing with any flavor and its high smoke point makes it applicable to almost anything. Cheap and widely available throughout the country it is potentially the most reliable oil and definitely one you’ll want to keep in your restaurant’s pantry.

Dressing and Sauces

Soybean oil’s neutral flavor makes it the perfect base for a wide range of dressings and sauces. Used as the base for a light Italian salad dressing or a zesty flavorful barbecue sauce. Well-suited to both bold and subtle flavors soybean oil is also the perfect base for marinades and dipping sauces like aioli and mayonnaise.


The perfect oil for infusions, frying oil has no dominant flavor of its own making it an excellent carrier for herb infusions, aromatic veggies, and hot peppers. These infused oils are easy to make and can be the missing link between a good dish and great one.

Fried Food

High oleic soybean oil is the new darling of the fried food world. In comparison tests against high oleic canola oil it outperformed the latter in every collation. So what does high oleic mean? Allow us to elucidate, “high oleic oil” is a technical term for an oil that has been modified for frying. It provides food with a long fry life and a consistently appetizing crunchy texture and perfectly golden appearance. It also has a very high smoke point allowing you to fry basically anything you can imagine without damaging the integrity of the oil or the food being cooked in it.

But wait there’s more – because soybean oil has an oxidative stability of at least 20 hours, deep frying in soybean oil results in less grease buildup in the kitchen. That means reduced cleaning times, lower maintenance costs, and more bang for your buck.

Pastry and Icings

Oils play a large part in baking, after all, it is a fat. Whether you’re using oil as a liquid or in lieu of shortening, it performs exceptionally well in most baked goods. With its neutral flavor profile and excellent stability, it is the ideal baking oil. If looking for a replacement for those nasty partially hydrogenated oils look no further than interesterified high oleic soybean oil. It has better stability and texture than its hydrogenated counterpart. It is a reliable alternative and provides a better mouthfeel in baked products and icings. It’s also less likely to leave that unappetizing coating on your tongue after you’ve finished eating.


Not only is soybean oil an exceptional choice it is one of the easiest oils to source, being one of America’s largest crops, keeping it readily available and economically priced year round. Soybean oil: the obvious choice for all your restaurant’s needs. Versatile, cheap, and reliable, it is the workhorse of the oil world. So next time you’re placing your order be sure to include a few gallons of the liquid gold that is soybean oil.


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Hannah Abaffy

Pastry Chef & Recipe Development

Hannah Abaffy is a pastry chef and an active member of the culinary community. From working in kitchens to developing recipes, and creating menus for restaurants, she has been involved with food in one capacity or another for the past decade. After starting a food history blog, Hannah has been continuously writing and learning about the ever-changing realm of cuisine, its history, and its future. Since then her appetite to learn about and share all things that touch upon the world of food can only be described as voracious.

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