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September 29th, 2016 PJP ToolBox,Tips

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A few months ago we introduced you to the PJP ToolBox.

In case you missed it, The PJP Tool Box is a literal Tool Box filled with a bunch of great products that will act as tools to help your business to succeed. We’ve armed each and every one of our sales people with one of these tool boxes, and encouraged them to get out and visit our customers, and show them these great products. The whole purpose of the tool box is to start a discussion about what PJP has to offer than can help your business be more successful.

We’re pleased to announce that the last few months with the ToolBox have been a huge success. Our sales people have turned in hundreds of pictures of them showing product to our amazing customers. Maybe you’ve even seen the PJP ToolBox in person already!

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Since we’re almost through our first quarter of PJP ToolBox engagement, we thought it would be a good time to do a roundup of some of the products in the PJP ToolBox that our customers liked best.

1) SureBlue Trashcan Liners

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You’ve probably already seen or heard about our SureBlue trashcan liners. It was a clear choice when we were deciding which great items we would put in the PJP ToolBox. These liners have a unique plastic make up which allows them to be both thinner and stronger than your average trashcan liner. As you can see above, we sent out sales team out to test the strength of these liners by lifting our customers up in them. Whether or not we were able to get the customer off the ground, the SureBlue liners didn’t rip! And it made for some pretty funny pictures while we were at it.

Check out this great video highlighting the strength of the SureBlue Liners.

2) Dawn Power Dissolver

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Dawn Power Dissolver is an amazing product that can break up the tough grease baked onto the pots and pans in your kitchen. You simply have to spray the dissolver onto the greasy the bottom of your pot or pan and let it sit for at least 15 minutes. The longer you let it sit, the more effective the dissolver will be. After you’ve let it sit, you can simply wipe away that grease with minimal scrubbing necessary.

We put Dawn Power Dissolver into the toolbox so that our sales people could take it to their customers and show them just how effective it can be. As you can see above, our customers are thoroughly impressed with the effects. If you haven’t seen how amazing the Dawn Power Dissolver, just ask your sales person to show it to you!

3) Cardinal Zenix Plates

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We’ve talked to you about how the amazing durability of Cardinal’s line of Zenix Plates, so it seemed like an obvious choice for the toolbox. These plates are made from a combination of select pure mineral fired at extremely high temperatures. This proprietary process makes the Zeinx line extremely scratch resistant. It also makes it exceptionally durable, capable of dealing with very exceedingly levels of stress.

We challenged our sales team to show them the plates that were strong enough to withstand being shipped through the US Postal Service without any packaging. If you’re interested in the full story you can click the link above.

4) The Magical Margarita Maker

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Lastly, we wanted to highlight the Magical Margarita Maker for you. This citrus juicer from Taylor Precision is an incredibly efficient way to squeeze every last drop of juice out of your lemons and limes. Perfect for making fresh Margaritas to order. It’s sturdy, easy to use, and fast. This simple device will make your bartenders job that much easier and make your drinks taste that much better. Just ask your PJP Sales Person!

Everyone here at PJP is so proud of the success of our PJP ToolBox. We love showing our wonderful customers the amazing products designed by our vendors. If you haven’t already seen it, make sure you ask your PJP Salesperson so that they can show you all of the other great products they have!

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