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5 Questions You Should Ask Yourself Before Buying A New Deep Fryer

For two weeks running PJP has made your mouth water talking about some of America’s favorite foods, Pizza and Burgers. This week we figured, why not keep that trend going and talk about another favorite: Fried Food. Sure, that’s not as specific, but it’s hard to deny the allure of the deep fryer. It just makes things taste better.

But if you want your restaurant to serve delicious fried food, you need the right fryer for the job. So PJP compiled a great list of questions you should be asking yourself before you commit to the purchase of a new deep fryer.

1) What is on your menu?

The kinds of items on your menu will definitely influence the kind of deep fryer that you choose. Open pot fryers are best for low sediment items like French fries. Tube fryers are the most versatile but best for heavier sediment items, like chicken, fish and onion rings. Flat bottom fryers work best for heavily battered items like tempura, funnel cakes.

2) What utilities do you have available in your kitchen?

Do you have a gas line into your kitchen or are all of your appliances electric? If you have gas, is it natural gas or liquid propane? These are all important things to consider when shopping for a fryer. You’ll need to make sure the fryer you buy is compatible with your kitchen hook up.

3) What is your fried food output?

Obviously the volume of food you need to make will influence the size of the fryer you need to buy. The more fried food you need to make, the bigger the fryer you will need. Capacity is usually determined by how many pounds of french fries a fryer can cook in one hour. Typically, this is calculated by roughly doubling the oil tank capacity of a fryer. A 40 gallon fryer should produce between 75 and 80 pounds of french fries per hour. Countertop models have much less capacity than floor models and are typically used for very small volume applications. Larger volume kitchens purchase multiple tank floor fryer units or put several smaller floor units in series next to each other. This is especially useful for frying different food types simultaneously.

4) How do you plan on cleaning your fryer and filtering your oil? 

Here it will be important to know how operationally disciplined your kitchen staff is. If you know you can trust them to clean and filter the fryer often, you’re probably in the clear, but if you know they’ll be too busy to clean the fryer as often as you like, you may want to consider purchasing a fryer with easier cleaning a filtration options. As oil prices have increased, a number of new technologies have been introduced by various suppliers to increase oil life and lower oil costs. Some manufacturers limit the amount of oil needed in the fry pot. Some extend the life of the oil by straining and filtering.

5) Is the fryer your purchasing an Energy Star fryer?

This should really be a no-brainer for any kitchen equipment. Energy Star Fryers can save $120 for electric annually or $590 for gas annually. If you follow good practices with the care of your Energy Star fryer you can save even more money. By simply cutting four hours of idle time a day, you can save an additional $400 annually for a gas fryer.

PJP offers all of the top brands in commercial fryers, including Vulcan, Frymaster, Dean, Star manufacturing and Pitco. As Always, if you have any other questions before purchase, don’t hesitate to ask your PJP Sales rep for further assistance!


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