The first step towards preventing the spread of this illness in your kitchen is to have a proper food safety plan.

  • Be sure that you have hand washing stations readily available for your employees to use. Make sure they are well stocked with proper soaps and paper towels and encourage your employees to use them frequently.
  • Your restrooms should be cleaned frequently. The bathroom may not be near food, but it is still a hot spot for the spread of norovirus.
  • Train all of your employees in proper food safety. Having multiple employees Serv-Safe Certified is always a good idea. Make sure all of your employees understand the procedures for cleaning up vomit and diarrhea in your facility. Written guidelines help.
  • Don’t limit your planning to your kitchen alone. Consider the whole facility when making a food safety plan. Any storage areas, any areas where food is transported into the building. Your dining room. All of these places are chances for the spread of illness if not properly cleaned and sanitized.
  • Make sure you use appropriate disinfectant chemicals and make sure that your employees understand the proper way to use those chemicals.

Food safety is of paramount importance to a food service operator. Taking some simple steps can prevent the spread of these kinds of illnesses in your business, which will keep you, your employees, and most importantly your customers safe. There really is no substitute for a good food safety plan and employees who are knowledgeable about how to prevent the spread of food borne illness.

Do you need assistance developing a proper food safety plan for your restaurant? PJP can help! Just call your PJP sales person and we can help you develop an appropriate plan for keeping norovirus out of your kitchen.