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3 Reasons To Switch Out Your Old Hot Cup Lids

We live in a fast paced, modern world. Your customers are on the go more than ever, and they all need an extra dose of caffeine to keep up.

It’s no surprise then that coffee shops are everywhere right now. It should be no surprise that Starbucks opened over 1,500 stores in 2015 alone, and have more than doubled their numbers in the last 10 years. The gourmet coffee trend isn’t going anywhere anytime soon.


Graph courtesy of statista.com

Seeing numbers like that, as a business owner, make you think, “Hmm, how can I get a piece of that gourmet coffee pie?” There’s obviously money to be made in this aspect of your business. Offering coffee to go for your customers can be a great way to add to you bottom line… but how do you differentiate yourselves? How do you stand out in a market that is already so saturated with recognizable brand names like Starbucks?

As always PJP has you covered.

The answer is to stand out by offering something new and exciting that no one else out there has yet. Give your customers a unique and memorable experience that will get their attention and make them want to come back for more. How do you accomplish that? By getting rid of the same old boring disposable hot cup lids that you see at every to-go coffee place and switching them out for something better.

Here are 3 reasons you should switch to Viora Hot Cup Lids.


Everyone knows the experience of drinking a nice cup of hot coffee or tea from your favorite mug at home. There’s really no beating it. You know exactly how much you need to tip it to sip slowly. There’s no topping it, really. But that experience is entirely lost when you’re drinking from a traditional hot cup lid. Instead you tilt back the cup never quite knowing when the too hot torrent of liquid is going to hit your lips. Burning your mouth is a foregone conclusion, so you grit your teeth and accept your fate. We’ve grown so accustomed to this because there really isn’t a better solution. What are you going to do? Not use a lid? It would spill everywhere.

That’s where Viora lids step in.

The Viora lid mimics the experience of drinking from your favorite mug or cup at home. When you take a drink from the Viora lid the liquid flows through an opening in the top to a recessed well on the top of the lid. It fills the well quickly and evenly to create a familiar drinking surface, perfectly recreating the experience of drinking out of an open-top cup. You can have all of the benefits of a to-go coffee cup without the detriments of having to deal with a traditional lid.


As you know, most of the nuances of how we experience taste are actually because of how things smell. Our noses deliver about 75% of what you taste when you experience drinking coffee and tea. That’s why when you have a bad cold and you can’t smell anything, everything tastes bland and lifeless.

An unfortunate side effect of a traditional hot cup lid is that it locks in the aroma of your drink. You can’t really smell what you’re drinking because the scent is trapped behind a plastic wall between the hot beverage and your nose. It may not seem like this would be that big of a deal, but think about just how good a fresh pot of coffee smells and I think you’ll realize how important smell is to your overall experience.

The Viora lid solves this problem. Because of the drinking well, there is no longer any plastic between your nose and your coffee or tea. You can have the full experience of the smell and taste of what you’re drinking. If you or your customer is going to pay top dollar for gourmet coffee, you better believe they want to experience as much of that coffee as they can.


Viora didn’t design their lids with the intention to design a lid that’s actually better at preventing annoying spills, but it happened anyway. Believe it or not, the Viora lid is actually better at preventing the splashes you’ve become accustomed to from your hot drink lid. Because the drink opening sits on the inside of the well, beneath the rim of the lid, it keeps liquid from sloshing out of the cup and jetting out in a stream. When there is a splash, the drink cup is perfectly design to catch the liquid, where it will then drain back into your cup until you’re ready to drink it. Just take a look at this video to see what we’re talking about.

If you want to differentiate yourself from all of the other gourmet coffee shops out there, your best solution is to offer the Viora lid to your customers. Let them experience to-go coffee in a way they never have before.

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