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Did You Know PJP Offered Restaurant Design And Development Services?

If you’re one of PJP’s many amazing customers, you already know that PJP strives to be more than just a supply company. We work hard every day to bring more to the table than our competition. We develop strong and lasting relationships with out customers, relationships where we share our 50 years of food service industry experience with you, and try to help you grow your profits and expand your business.

And when we say we want to help you expand your business, we really mean it. PJP has an entire team dedicated to the design and development of new restaurants and commercial kitchens. That’s right, we have all of the resources necessary to help you design your new restaurant from the ground up, and then to get you running, and of course, keep you running with all of the equipment and supplies you need to be successful. At PJP, we strive to be a complete service provider, and that means taking your restaurant from an idea in your head, to blueprints, to a fully operational, and efficient business. In short, we get you cooking.

But what does our process look like? What kinds of services do we offer and what experience will you get as a customer working with PJP’s Design and Development team? Glad you asked!


The first, and most important, step of any job is always the planning. The first thing you’ll need to do is to sit down with our team of designers and talk out what you want. What is your vision? What kind of food do you want to cook? What kind of volume are you anticipating? These are the questions we’ll need to work out in the planning step of the process. Our team of experts, with decades of experience in commercial kitchens as operators will help you plan out your kitchen and restaurant to maximize your efficiency and profitability.

Thought our process of culinary development and kitchen sequencing, PJP can help you plan your entire kitchen down to exactly where each piece of equipment will be placed, what ingredients will be placed where, and make sure your business runs like a well oiled machine. This kind of attention to detail and expertise is something you’re not going to be able to find in a normal firm. PJP brings a whole new level of design capabilities to our customers.


Beyond just planning your restaurant, you’re going to need all of the equipment and supplies necessary to get things started. PJP is a full service supplier of just about everything you need to open a restaurant, from the equipment, to the smallwares, to the paper products you will need. We can even get you the janitorial equipment and chemicals you’ll need to keep your facility clean. More importantly, we can help you make sure that you’re going to have all of the right equipment and supplies in your restaurant, right from the get go, to ensure that the food you prepare is of the highest quality, and that all of your staff can work as productively as possible.


Once we’ve picked out all of the equipment you will need to be operational, and planned exactly where it will fit into your kitchen, PJP will provide full-service delivery and installation. You won’t have to worry about hiring another company or contractor to install the heavy and complicated kitchen you’ll need. Once we’ve delivered and installed all of the equipment and supplies your restaurant needs, you’ll be set and ready to open!

So whether you’re opening a new restaurant for the first time, or if you’re an experienced restaurateur looking to open an new location, PJP’s design and development team will be there to help you ever step of the way!

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