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Infographic: Hand Washing 101

Just a few short weeks ago we pointed out what time of year it was: Back to School time.

One of the products we pointed out in that blog was hand sanitizer. It’s an essential weapon in the fight against germs, and your kids are sure to bring some germs home with them if they aren’t armed with it. But hand sanitizer isn’t the only weapon in your arsenal. It’s also important to wash your hands often, and perhaps more importantly, wash your hands properly.

It’s actually pretty amazing how many adults and school age children don’t follow the proper procedure when washing, and thus contribute to the spread of germs in schools and offices. There are important steps to follow when washing your hands, and luckily for us, our friends over at Georgia Pacific put together an amazing infographic on proper hand washing. Check it out below!

If you have any questions about what products you need for your school or business to ensure proper hand sanitation, don’t hesitate to ask your PJP Salesperson!


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