Make Your Bathroom Beautiful.

Public restrooms often have a terrible reputation for harsh lighting, dirty toilets, empty dispensers, and unpleasant smells. According to Consumer Reports, 73 percent of restaurant guests are highly annoyed with dirty or ill-equipped restrooms. There is an opportunity here for facilities to differentiate themselves from the competition by creating a pleasant environment that shows respect for the health and safety of customers and employees. Shifting the commercial restroom model is a challenge. Businesses who are ready to face the challenge can focus on creating a clean, homelike experience, ensuring supply, and promoting sustainability. 

A Bathroom Away From Home

People prefer using their bathroom at home over using a public restroom because it’s a more relaxing experience. You make a commercial toilet feel more like home by increasing privacy, cleanliness, and fragrance. 

1. Create the perception of privacy

Of course, a single-user room is an optimal choice in regards to privacy. However, this is not always practical for facilities with high traffic. Floor-to-ceiling stall partitions and framed doors increase privacy. White noise or background music gives the perception of privacy as well. 

2. Offer a clean restroom

A sparkling clean bathroom creates a healthier and more pleasant environment for guests and staff. A dirty toilet reflects on the cleanliness of the entire establishment. Schedule a regular cleaning regiment and create an accountability system to ensure staff members are correctly cleaning the restroom. The cleaning routine should include scrubbing toilets, emptying trash, and wiping surfaces. Lastly, remember to schedule often-overlooked tasks such as dusting vents and cleaning behind toilets. 

3. Provide a fragrant experience

Regardless of how diligently you clean, public restrooms can still have a persistent smell. Many guests will assume the whole establishment is dirty if the bathroom smells bad. Eliminating odors helps the space feel fresh and clean. Low-splash deodorizer urinal screens keep the air smelling fresher. Motion-activated fresheners in each stall subtly disperse a fragrance to neutralize odors. You can also install a whole-room automated fragrance dispenser to freshen upon entry and exit.

Never Run Out of Toilet Paper Again

An empty toilet paper roll is one of the most annoying restroom experiences. With modern dispensers, there is no reason for stalls devoid of tissue. Coreless high-capacity rolls can last three times as long as traditional toilet paper rolls. Dispensers with locking mechanisms protect the reserve roll until first is used up. Custodial staff can then replace the reserve roll before anyone finds themselves in an awkward no paper situation. High-capacity systems are also useful for soap and paper towel dispensers. 

Another way to ensure a constant supply is with smart tech. Wifi-connected sensors alert staff when amounts are low. Cutting-edge restroom systems provide real-time data so facility managers can proactively prevent problems instead of relying on customers to tell them about an issue.

Provide Sustainable Options

Sustainable practices enrich the guest experience. First, commitment to sustainability affects how customers perceive a business. Also, most people feel guilty when doing something environmentally unfriendly. Sustainable practices in the restroom may help users feel better about their actions. Take the chance to create a positive image for the business. 

The most visible approach is replacing white paper towels with brown. Most consumers associate the color brown with recycled paper. You can also use cordless toilet tissue, which eliminates cardboard core and stub roll waste. Automated soap and paper towel dispensers reduce waste by optimizing the amount of product dispensed.

Guests enjoy a clean, homey restroom. Keep customers happy with up-to-date, sustainable facilities. When people enjoy their experience at your establishment, they are more likely to return and recommend. A pleasant bathroom environment demonstrates a commitment to health and cleanliness. 


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