4 Money-Saving Hacks for Your Business

Running a successful business is like operating a very complicated machine. There are hundreds of moving parts. Any one of them moving out of sync can drastically affect the performance of the entire system. You need to perform regular maintenance and make sure each and every small part is operating at full efficiency. It’s a huge task, and nearly impossible to manage by yourself. Inevitably some small thing gets overlooked that starts slowing you down, and in business that means you’re losing money. That’s where PJP comes in. We’ve come up with these money saving hacks to help you save in places you might not have considered.

1) Use the Right Trash Can Liner

4 Money-Saving Hacks for Your Business

We know what you’re thinking. “Trash can liners? Seriously? That’s your tip?” Yes. Yes it is. It’s a small thing, and therefore it is incredibly easy to overlook. You wouldn’t believe how many facilities we see using the wrong trash can liners for the job.

There are three main problems we see. First, we see customers using a trashcan liner that is way too big for the the can it’s used in. The main cost for can liners is the plastic you’re using. So if you’re using a can liner that is way bigger than your trash cans, you can probably save money by buying a smaller bag.

Second we see customers who are using trash can liners that are way too thick for the task they’re being used for. If all you’re throwing away is paper, you don’t need to spend money on super strong can liners. Save money by buying a thinner bag.

Conversely, the third problem we see is customers buying a bag that is too thin for the task. This inevitably leads to either trash everywhere because the bag ripped, or your employees doubling up, which means you’re using twice as many bags as necessary.

Regardless, the solution is simply to make sure that the trash can liners you are using are right for the job, because having either not enough, or too much liner costs you in the end.

2) Check Your Faucets

4 Money-Saving Hacks for Your Business

“What could my faucets possibly have to do with saving money?” We know it seems silly, hypothetical reader, but take our word for it. Doing a water audit on your facility could save you thousands of dollars a year.

How? Well the simple answer is that in most facilities, a ton of water gets wasted. Dripping, leaky faucets, flow-rates that are too high for the sink that they’re in, these small things add up over the course of the year. That’s why PJP partnered with a company called T&S Brass that will come out to your facility a do a full-water audit. Checking each and every sink and faucet in your entire facility, then provide you with a report on how a simple update of your sinks’ hardware can save you a lot of cash.

3) Use the Right Entrance Mat

4 Money-Saving Hacks for Your Business

“First trash bags, then my sinks, now a mat? How is mat going to save me money?” We know, dear reader. But bear with us! Just like the other two things we’ve mentioned, a simple entrance mat is easy to overlook. But the right entrance mat can make all the different for the long-term health of your floors.

No matter what kind of business you run, you have a floor, and unless you’ve developed exciting new teleportation technology, your customers, employees, and partners are going to be bringing in the outside elements every time they walk through the front door. Mud, rain, and salt in the winter can do serious damage to carpets, tiles and hardwood floors alike. This can cost you a ton of money in upkeep, and eventually in paying to replace the floors entirely. But using the right entrance mat can seriously mitigate the damage done to your floors, and also mitigate the costs that go along with it.

4) Use Energy Star Equipment

Energy Star Rated Commercial Appliances

If you’re not already using energy-star equipment in your kitchen, you’re almost certainly paying more than you need to on your electric and gas bills. American families and businesses have saved a total of nearly $230 billion on utility bills and prevented more than 1.7 billion metric tons of greenhouse gas emissions over the past 20 years. If your business isn’t one of them, you’re missing out on the savings, and on helping the planet.

Do you have any tips or tricks you use to save your business money? We want to hear them! Don’t forget to share in the comments below or on any of our social media accounts. Follow us on FacebookTwitterInstagram, and YouTube!



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