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3 Ways To Up Your Hot Beverage Game

If you happen to live under a rock in some extremely remote location, you may not have heard. Pumpkin Spice Lattes are back in season.

Yes, it’s true. That sweet nectar of the gods that is only available for a limited time every year is back. The hype is unreal. You can’t go anywhere near the internet without hearing about how much people love Pumpkin Spice Lattes, and well… pretty much everything else pumpkin spice related. Just look at this graph depicting google search trends for Pumpkin Spice Latte since 2004.


There is simply no denying it’s popularity. But don’t get stuck on the pumpkin spice trend alone. This national fever for pumpkin spice speaks to another trend that has been growing for the past decade or so: Gourmet Coffee/Tea.

As a business owner, you know how important it is to follow popular trends. No one wants to be left behind, so you have to do what you can to keep up with what’s popular. These days, people are looking for more from their hot beverages. They want lots of flavor options. They want it to be high quality. They want it to be sourced in an humanitarian and environmentally friendly way. And they are willing to pay the premium price that comes along with all of those things.

The question is, how do you latch on to a popular trend like gourmet hot beverages while also taking appropriate steps to differentiate yourself from your competition? Everyone who serves coffee is offering a pumpkin spice latte right now, so what else can you do to stay ahead of the curve. Don’t worry, PJP has you covered.


We’ve told you about how amazing Viora lids are before, but they are worth mentioning again. There is no better way to differentiate yourself from your competition. Viora lids offer a completely unique drinking experience when it comes to to-go hot beverages.

Viora lids try to replicate the experience of drinking out of a coffee mug. We’ve all experienced the frustrations involved in trying to sip coffee out of a standard to-go hot cup lid. You never quite know when the liquid is going to hit your mouth. It’s difficult to sip. You often lose some of the smell of the coffee inside the cup, which as we all know contributes to the taste. Viora lids address all of these problems. They are uniquely designed to feel just like drinking out of a regular mug. By creating a drinking reservoir for the liquid to fill when you tilt the cup, it creates the feeling like your drinking right out of an open mug, without the risk of spilling the whole cup down your shirt. This also serves to unlock the aroma and thus enhance the taste of the beverage you’re drinking. As an added benefit, the Viora lid even helps prevent spills better than a regular to-go hot cup lid. Just check out this video demonstrating the difference.


At PJP, we’ve talked to you many times before about the importance of branding. Branding is key when it comes to setting yourself apart from your competition. How you brand yourself determines how your customers think about your business, and it makes a huge difference when it comes to getting your name out there. That’s why, at PJP, we believe that you should never pass up the opportunity to get something custom printed with your logo.

At PJP, we have a wide range of customize-able items, but for the purposes of gourmet coffee, you’ll want to get custom printed hot cups and hot cup sleeves. Think about it, everyone recognizes a Starbucks cup when they see it on the street. And when you see someone with that Starbucks cup in hand, you can’t help but think about how good a fresh coffee would taste in that moment. Don’t you want your brand to have that same kind of impact on your customers? PJP can help.


If you’re going to brand yourself as an establishment that offers gourmet hot beverages, your customers are going to expect high quality coffee’s and teas. When it comes to tea, there is no better choice than Rishi.

Rishi Tea is a company that started in 1997 with the goal of bringing quality tea to the American market. Since then, the owner and founder has traveled the world building strong relationships and finding ways to organically source incredible tasting tea. In Sanskrit, Rishi means “one who is a seer, sage, or seeker of truth.” For the Rishi Company, that means forever striving to learn more about tea and how to provide a great tasting, natural and organic option for their customers. If you want to offer your customers the best tea on the market, Rishi is the only choice.

If you have any questions about other ways to break into the gourmet coffee business, don’t hesitate to ask your PJP sales rep!


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